Saturday, December 31, 2011

Break Shot Patterns Vid Helped

As you prolly figured out, I haven't really played pool the last two months.

I have either just had non-pool things going on Nov/Dec during the weekends (when I would normally play in Fri/Sat night tourneys), or been staying in my cocoon, away from the real world, being a hermit.  The holidays were tough without my Mom.  But I also played more poker the last two months, which kept me away from pool.  I just didn't feel like playing pool - wasn't interested in being around certain people at the pool room, either.

But now that my Straight Pool Season starts in January, and I have 4 big pool tourneys coming up in Jan/Feb, I know have the pool bug back!

I decided to check out the new Video from Phil Capelle and watched almost 50 clips of straight pool break shot patterns before I headed to the Friday night weekly tourney. 

If you haven't heard yet from your friends or read in billiard magazines, Phil has a new book/video called Break Shot Patterns where he shows how the pros would run the last 5 balls in straight pool matches (via a book AND 110 video clips!).  As we all know and have heard, straight pool helps all your games - and so Phil's new DVD is no exception.

I don't know how Phil complied over 100 break shot patterns, as I can only imagine how long it took!  It's definitely a labor of lover, for sure, and we all get to reap the rewards of his efforts!

To watch so many awesome break shot patterns by the pros, was very inspirational.  I haven't even watched all the video clips yet, but just the 50 or more I saw only makes me eagerly want me to watch the rest of the DVD!  And REWATCH it!

I played in a 9ball tourney last night and wasn't sure how I would do with almost two months off from playing pool. 

To my surprise, I played pretty good!  I scratched too many times on freaky shots, but otherwise, I stayed down on my shots and looked a lot at the correct shape for the cue ball.

I kept in mind what I had just watched on the videos.  I noticed how the pros would take their time even on straight-in, simple shots.  I recalled this as I played and didn't take "easy" shots for granted.

I also noticed how the players would walk around the table a lot to ensure where they needed the cue ball.  It's very crucial to ensure you are on the correct side of some balls, so you can get to your next shot best. 

I *think* I assume a lot when I play, and last night (when I kept in mind what I had watched on the videos), I looked at my position more and didn't assume that I would be okay moving the cue ball to a certain "area" on the table.

So, watching the all those video clips Phil compiled, I'm convinced, helped me play decently in the tourney last night, and also enjoy the game.  I, more, than anyone was surprised when I got Last Lady and also third place!

Thank you, Phil Capelle!

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Phil Capelle said...

Hi Melinda,
I was happy to see that the DVD helped you with your game. Watching the greats is such a fun way and effective way to learn!
Happy New Year