Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2011 Mosconi Cup TidBits

The Mosconi Cup was a lot of fun again this year. To see this event in person is awesome! I highly recommend you add this as a must-see to your Bucket List.

Altho the European team outplayed the USA Team this year, it was still an exciting event and a wonderful life experience.

It was held at the MGM in Las Vegas again, like it was in 2009 when I saw it for the first time. This year Amanda and I went and we had a blast seeing friends and watching pool in person being broadcast live on tv!

Amanda and I
Here are a few trigger-gems from the event:

  • On Day 2 of this 4-day event, USA Team Member Shawn Putnam was faced with a jump shot after a safety by one of the European players. Shawn not only jumped the ball cleanly to make contact with this 3-ball, he also cut it right in the corner pocket! The crowd went crazy! Right afterwards, someone from the crowd said, "Who says white men can't jump?" lol 
  • I deemed Melanie Archer (Johnny Archer's wife) Head Cheerleader. She was awesome with her signs and cheering and getting the crowd to their feet throughout the event! She is a beautiful woman with a heart of gold. And their son and daughter made the whole crowd ooh and ahh with their comments, "Go Daddy!" or "USA" in their child-voices as they shouted out when Johnny was playing in his matches.  It was absolutely adorable!
Melanie Archer
Johnny Lee Archer and LeeAnne Archer at the end of the event.
  • Although Rodney Morris got quite upset during one of his matches, I noticed during his matches at the Mosconi Cup that he is actually a very funny guy! He showed his fun personality as he played each day and he would make the crowd laugh with funny facial expressions, funny comments, or fun antics. I had no idea he was quite a character!
  • Ken Schuman is a friend of mine and a top-notch ref, but he can also be very blunt when it comes to reffing and ensuring people follow the rules. So, altho he might have rubbed people the wrong way in the past by being a stickler, he was VERY professional at this event and did a FANTASTIC job refereeing! His co-ref was Michaela Tabb, who is a hottie and famous all around the pool world. She was gracious to take a pic with me.
  • Michaela Tabb and myself.
  • I have seen Shawn Putnam at another event and he mostly complained, so I was quite surprised to see him smiling and laughing and having a great time at the Mosconi Cup. I guess it does make sense to be in a great mood for this event, but I was happy to see him play well during Scotch Doubles and keep the crowd entertained.
  • Mike Dechaine and Chris Melling were rookies for this event and it's quite an honor to play in a Mosconi Cup! They both played well and I was impressed with their play on Friday. Mike didn't fair too well on Saturday, but the entire U.S. team had trouble with their breaks Saturday, unfortunately. But Mike played great Friday and I could see why he was on the team this year. He did get upset on Saturday, but emotions run high in this event. Chris Melling from Europe is a fantastic player and I am honored to call him my friend. He played so beautifully. Chris lost his Mom and I told him how proud she was of him. I just know my Mom is with his Mom and they watched the event from Heaven together.

Chris Melling and I
  • There was one very loud European but he was also funny as he yelled "Gooo EuuuurOOpe" deep from his belly about 1,000 times, lol. On Day 3 he wore a Santa suit from head to toe and during the first break he came to the bar and said, "Santa needs a drink, It's a long ways from the North Pole." lmao!  One of my friends told me they were impressed he hadn't got into a fight based the amount of alcohol he had consumed each day during the event, lol.

  • And altho I was one of the one's who didn't like the choice for USA Captain, I was told on Sunday that he was the hardest working USA team they had ever seen. We all wouldn't know that, because it's behind the scenes, but that's what I was told by one of the Matchroom guys.
Next year we go back to Europe and then in 2013 back to the USA. Hope it's in Vegas again - maybe I'll get to see it again!   Love running into friends at this event. I had a great time!

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