Thursday, December 15, 2011

December PoolSynergy

Michael Reddick is this month's host of PoolSynergy.  You know - PoolSynergy!  Where billiard bloggers blog about a certain topic each month.  Michael gave us this topic for December:  How do you recharge your batteries?

Well, I recycle mine.  Wait.  What?

Michael explains: Based on personal experience, there are times when I overload on pool and I need a break.  Especially during the holiday season, there are other parts of our lives that can take celebrations that we want to attend (or are required to attend), visiting with friends and family, etc.  What I'd like to know from the writers is what they do when they are away from pool...specifically, how do they recharge their emotional or physical batteries so they can come back to the table feeling physically and mentally refreshed and ready to play?

For me this answer is easy. When I need to get back into a pool mind frame, because maybe I've taken a mental vacation due to life's' hiccups or responsibilities, I simply set goals.

I normally do this at the beginning of the year (I don't like resolutions at all, instead I'm a goal-setter), which helps me get back into playing pool and wanting to compete after all the holiday fuss.  But, other times I set goals after I realize my game may not be up to par because of the time off.

Most of my goals revolve around what I can do to improve my game. So, goals such as watching a certain number of videos a month or a goal to practice a certain amount of time each week, are best for me. These goals automatically get me back into the mind frame to play pool; to want to play pool.  Especially when I've had to take a break, which means less time at the table.

Also, as the famous saying goes, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" (by Eleanor Roosevelt), what I've experienced is being away from pool makes me anxious to play again.  Therefore, the anxiousness automatically pulls me right back in and that makes it easy to feel refreshed and ready to play!  :) 

Sometimes that anxiousness takes time to come back, but when it does, you will be ready (it's like magic!).  

Good luck!


Suzanne Smith said...

I, too, am a fellow goal setter :) Thanks for sharing. Happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

Hi Melinda, when you started to get serious about the game and improving was there any 1(or two) things that stood out and helped you get to the next level as a player?

Thanks for any ideas, Happy New Year


Melinda said...

Happy Holidays, Suzanne!

@John - Well, what I first learned in the beginning didn't help me much, so instead let me share what has helped me most, some of the info I learned has been recently (compared to how long I have been playing, lol).

Always looking Three Balls Ahead is key. And a good pre shot routine is extremely important. Having great fundamentals will go a LONG way and save a lot of heartache. :) And again, three balls ahead.

Th 3rd advice I suggest is to take lessons and/or watch videos and/or read books to help improve your game along.

Good luck and keep me posted! And thank you for the questions!

Happy New Year!