Monday, January 2, 2012

Drinking and My Pool Game

One of the benefits of going out and wanting to play pool again is I get "material" for my blog, lol.  And last night was no exception.  I will write another post soon about the final match I played last night, but first let me tell you about my second match.

Because I want to focus on my pool game again, I know I can't drink during the weekly tourneys, if I want a decent outcome.  If I drink while playing pool, I lose many of my talents I've worked on for so many years - my preshot routine goes out the window and my ability to figure out patterns and smart shots follows my preshot routine right out that same window.  lol.

Because I hadn't really cared about pool the last few months, I had been drinking during these weekly tourneys.  However, last night (and Friday when I got Last Lady) I didn't drink during the tourney.

I get a bye and then win against a formidable opponent who played good safes.  As I waited around for my next match (31 players, 4 tables = long wait), one of my friends' boyfriends comes up to me and looks at my drink in the tall plastic cup and says, "What is that?"

"Diet Coke."

"Diet Coke?  You aren't drinking?"

"No, trying to focus on pool.  And I can't play very well if I drink."

"Oh.  Hmm. Not even a shot?"

"A shot?  Maybe later."

"You sure?"

"Yea.  Thanks, though."

He then confesses while laughing, "I'm only asking because I play you next."

I laugh as he walks away.

Then his girlfriend shares after I beat him, "He said he only beat you last time because you were pretty tipsy, so he was hoping you were drinking tonight!" 

See?  Proof I can't play pool and drink at the same time!  People are even rooting for me to drink!  lol.

BTW... placed 5th (no money), but got $50 for Last Lady!  :)


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Thanks for this! I think that drinking is my downfall too even in my leagues and practice! I needed to hear this thanks!