Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Favorite Mosconi Cup 2011 Shot

During the Mosconi Cup in Vegas in December, when Chris Melling and Darren Appleton were playing doubles against Rodney Morris and Shawn Putnam, I saw my favorite (and most impressive) shot of the tourney!

The score was close:  Europe up overall 4-3 against USA (in a race to 11) but this match was tied 5-5 in a race to 6!  Very, very crucial hill-hill match.

Darren broke and... almost scratched!

Although the cueball didn't fall into the pocket for a dreaded scratch, instead, it nestled BEHIND two balls near the corner and Chris Melling was left with several options:  Push Out or try to hit the 3 ball.

As SOON as Chris walked to the table, I saw him motion for a third option:  Kick Safe.

I turned to Amanda and exclaimed, "no way!"

Darren and Chris asked for a time extension and added 60 seconds to their discussion.  Chris told Darren that's what he wanted to do and Darren checked it out and presumably said, "Go for it, Chris."

The announcers thought Chris was going to try and kick at the 3 ball to make another ball near the pocket, but I saw Chris's first inclination to the shot as he motioned the Kick Safe as soon as he walked up to the table.

Check out what happened via the video below:


What impressed me most was he executed exactly what he envisioned in his mind.  And further - the shot came immediately to him and he had a lot of confidence to pull it off!

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