Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Room Size For a Pool Table?

Seems like once a year or more peeps ask via the AZB Forums what room size they should be looking for in a house to fit a pool table nicely.  Since I am currently wondering myself, thought I'd share what I found out.

I found many suggestions and links, and actually EVERY link had different suggested requirements!

Good rule of thumb that many agree with:  Add about 5 feet to each end of the table (no matter what size) and you will have enough space to play pool comfortably.

Just a quick note, if you only add 10 feet to the length and 10 feet to the width, people say you won't have space to stroke the ball if it is frozen to the rail. If you want to play and be completely comfortable without any problem, you really need about 15x20 for a 9 foot table. 

If you don't have exactly 5 feet on each side but close to that, then see what the very minimum space required needed for a particular table size:

Seven foot table: 3.5' x 7'
(Playing area: 38" x 76")
13' x 16'

Eight foot table: 4' x 8'
(Playing area: 44" x 88")
13' 6" x 17'

Oversize eight foot table: 4' x 8'
(Playing area: 46" x 92")

13' 6" x 17' 6"

Nine foot table: 4.5' x 9'
(Playing area: 50" x 100")

14' x 18'

P.S.  BTW, all measurements in this blog article are for standard 58" cues that most of us use daily.

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Anonymous said...

Also keep in mind that retailers are motivated to sell you a table. When I was looking for one, the local major-brand dealers gave me room dimensions that were on the small side.

I eventually found a used Gold Crown on Craigslist and crammed it in my basement. There are two poles and the staircase to play around but for a practice table, it's great.