Friday, December 23, 2011

Funny Straight Pool Moment!

One night I was playing in a straight pool match against a very serious player.  I was ahead by about 20 and on the verge of winning in a rack or two, so even though I was ahead, he could still win.

I left myself with the below:  I ensured that I could get by the rack to see the 6 ball as a break out ball.  He racked while I went to the bathroom.

When i got back, I grabbed my cue and chalk and walked up to the table to break and was dumbfounded!  OMG!  This is where I found myself:

I couldn't see the 6 ball after all!  I could have sworn I double checked I would be able to make the 6 from where I left the cueball!

I stood there speechless, and then my opponent walks up to the table and says, "just kidding, I racked it low to trick you.  Here, let me re-rack it right. HeHe"


Although what he did was super funny, I think I am more shocked that he did this during a kinda stressful match where he wasn't winning, and because normally he's so reserved and pensive.

I guess Mister Serious isn't that serious after all!


Unknown said...

Some people would consider this a sharking tactic. But those are people void of a sense of humor. I like it.

Ingo aka Ratta said...

even in a serious match it is just great if your opponent is still able to make jokes. i hate those guys who are kind of *I came to kill you with my stick maniacs*,
nice story trigger :)