Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Topics Change as We Grow Up

I found it pretty comical when I was sitting with my girlfriends at the Oklahoma tournament, catching up and gabbing.  The reason I found it funny was because our topics were so different from when I first starting playing pool some 25 years ago.  

In my 20s, the girls would sit around and talk about the normal things at that age.  Maybe what makeup we like best, stupid drama shit, cute clothes, boys we liked, etc.

Fast forward 25 years and instead of finding out where you bought the cute shirt, now we talk about how much we saved buying the shirt.  Instead of sharing how bad our cramps are, we are sharing who is going through menopause already, lol.  Instead of wondering if the cute boy likes us, we're figuring out ways to like our self.  Instead of makeup tips to look make us better, we're talking about makeup tricks to help our wrinkles, lol.

I do love the more mature conversations for sure, and also because many of the more insightful convos lead to helpful tips swapping from one woman to another.

Ahhh, from girls to woman.

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