Monday, January 8, 2018

Betting on a Roomba

A lot of pool players are your typical gamblers, and as such they will find anything to bet on.

During tournaments, many players will match up and gamble on the open 9-foot tables or bar tables either in ring games or one-on-one matches.  For those pool rooms who don't have open tables, players will match up and bet on darts, shuffleboard or foosball if they have those.

Players will also side bet on matches or bet on a football game on tv.  You know, anything for a sweat bet.

Other times players will flip a coin for $100.  Or see who can make (or can't make) a certain tough shot rail to rail.  Players gather around, wads of bills in their fists, ready to bet.

It's kinda of unheard of for no bets to be taking place during tournaments.  There's always some type of action/betting going on.

So, this should not have surprised me at all when Heather Bryant posted a video of people betting on a Roomba!!  

Talk about being creative, lol!

Her and Charlie "Hillbilly" Bryant were at the Rocket City Open in Huntsville, Alabama at Good Timez Billiards over the weekend. 

She posted a video of what was being bet on, and it was shared over 1,250 times!  

Whatever ball the Roomba makes, the person who bought that ball wins the money.  Check out the video for yourself:  Like I said, gamblers will bet on anything!

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