Tuesday, January 23, 2018

RIP David Bond

It's the type of message you dread:  "Can you call me?"

On Saturday night I received such a message.  And I was told my friend David Bond had been found passed away that morning.

David Bond is my friend who ran American Billiard Radio and I was a monthly guest on his podcast show.

I then reached out to a couple of people who knew him, and it's always tough to give such bad news.  Hearing a mutual friend cry on the phone from the pain was heartbreaking.

David will be missed.  He had a sense of humor that was off the charts, really loved to gab, and had a passion for our sport.  He was working on a project that was taking a lot of time:  the Chicago Billiard Museum.  Turns out Chicago has a lot of billiard history than most of us never knew.

David's American Billiard Radio program will live on through the previous podcasts.  But, he will be sorely missed.

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