Saturday, January 13, 2018

Danielson's 2018 Goals

As promised, the Danielson Series continues!  "New Year, New You."  No, no, none of that crazy bullshit.  How about New Year, New Learning!

Danielson reached out to me and said he was thinking about his goals for 2018. 

Now, if you are a regular reader, you know I already blogged about goals a couple of weeks ago since it's the new year.  However, Danielson never reads my blog unless I send him a link to one of my posts lol.

So, it made me smile he was thinking about goals on his own, without any prodding.

Because he had such a successful year last year and working to improve his game more this year, one shouldn't set too high of goals or goals with tangible expectations.  Even he said, "I have a lot of changes this year and to try and put any kind of performance goal on myself could be disastrous."

So, he suggested his goal should be, "Play Smart."

OMG that's perfect!

Absolutely perfect!

And of course I told him, "add that to your checklist."  LMAO.

I think this is a really great goal for him and one that will prove to help him have another successful year.

Play Smart. 

Love it!

I am super excited for him!

In the last few years he said his goal was to improve in the ranking, which he did.  And currently he is borderline moving to a new handicap level and so Play Smart is a very smart (sorry) goal!  Danielson shared, "I just wasn't sure what I should be aiming for this year, but regardless of a ranking if I play smart and keep mistakes to a minimum, it will all take care of it's self."

Ahhh, Grasshopper! 

They grow up so fast, don't they?  :)

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