Saturday, January 20, 2018

Ameritrade Has a Place in My Heart

I have pointed out several commercials that has billiards as a theme or even just a pool table in the background.  I figure anytime pool is in a commercial is good for business, right?

Well, Ameritrade has some recent commercials talking about the future, options, investment services and trading support.  They have several commercials out there right now and they all show an Ameritrade guy talking to people in a "Green Room."  This Green Room happens to be, well, yes, green, lol, but also has a pool table in it.  In every commercial (about 5 of them) you can see the pool table in the background, or the Ameritrade guy is playing pool with a potential client, or another guy is playing pool while he talks to the client.

What I find really cool is Ameritrade sees also that pool is not just a game played in a smoke-filled, seedy bar.  But a game among smart investors, and a game that everyone loves.  I guess my point is, they are shining a positive light on pool.  And I love it!

Here is one of their commercials:

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