Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Goals! 2018.

I have a written a ton of times about GOALS (okay, maybe that's a little bit of an exaggeration).

But because it's the first of the year, let's continue this important tradition. 

First, I don't believe in resolutions but I do believe in GOALs and feel they are very important to our improvement.  Bottom line is there are good goals and not so good goals.  Don't set yourself up for failure; set you set up for success!

One year I had a goal to get "Most Improved Player" on a tour in the late 90s. Boy, I learned my lesson the hard way!!  I had no control over that - someone else decided that "title" (and no, I did not win it, even though I came close).

That was a very unrealistic goal because I had no control over that.

I was so na├»ve.  lol.

Goals are important because they give you that something extra to strive for, to look forward to, to plan for, etc.

I like simpler goals now.  Like in matches:
  • Have fun
  • Stay down
  • Smooth stroke
  • Enjoy the game we love to play

These goals below seem realistic and attainable, but sometimes they are not:
  • Get in the money every tournament
  • Last til Sunday
  • Win all my matches in league
  • Get in the top 25% of a tourney
These goals are setting you up for failure.  Sorry!  They are affected by A LOT of outside factors that you have no control over.  One time I placed 9th and didn't get in the money because the field wasn't large enough.  One time I ran into the top two players and didn't make it to Sunday.  Another time someone slopped in the 9ball and cost me a 5-0 at league.

So, as you can see, goals are only as good as you set them.

Let's compare: "Watch more videos this year."  It's better to put a time factor on it.  How about, "Watch 2 videos a month."

Here is a list for you, that I would follow if I was still competing regularly:
  • Practice for 2 hours every week
  • Talk (or email) with my mentor every quarter
  • Watch one youtube video about pool (lesson or great match) once a month
  • Spar with a higher-ranked player at least once every two months
  • Play in a weekly tournament once a month
If you have any free time (who does thee days?  lol), then check out this blog post from last year that has several links to goals and their importance (with great examples).

Good luck!

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