Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Congrat's to Bobbi!

My friend Bobbi from Oklahoma was asking how to find the books Play Your Best Pool by Phil Capelle and Winning Ugly by Brad Gilbert.

I figured she was trying to find out where to buy them because of this blog.  I know, I harp A LOT about these two books!

Well, she got them only a couple of weeks ago and then played in the APA Nationals Singles in Vegas this week.

She placed 3rd!!!!!!!

Look how happy she looks!!

She texted me and said that the books helped!  She said she didn't really remember all the points in the book but it helped her play well and smart.

I'm so proud of her!!!

I want a trophy that large one day!

Congrat's, Honey.  Proud of you!  Third place in a Nationals tournament is fantastic!! 

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