Monday, May 19, 2014

ACS Nationals Championships 2014 - One for the Record Books

I just came back from 9 days in Vegas.  6 of which were playing pool at the 2014 ACS National Championships!

I'll post lots of stories and tidbits from the week, as you all know I will.  As usual, I wrote little reminders down each day on things I wanted to blog about/share, so I wouldn't forget!

Before I give a long, drawn-out detail of each of my tourneys, lol, here's a VERY short, but exciting recap!

I won the ACS Nationals Women's 9-Ball Singles! 

 Jacki Duggan and I


I am a National Champion!  I still can't believe I did it, even as I type this out over 8 days later.  I am on cloud nine! I won it on Mother's Day and dedicated the win to my lovely Mom, Mrs. Toni Bailey.  :)  Gosh I miss her.

My ladies team, All Mixed Up, won BOTH the 9-ball ladies team event AND the 8-ball ladies team events!

Courtney Evans, Me, Janet Ybarra, and Nina Stillwell

I can't believe what a amazing week pool-wise I had!  Especially under the personal circumstances I was under. 

I will provide details later of each division, and also share many, many blog entries of cool, different, or interesting topics that I saw, learned, felt, experienced throughout the week.

Until then - enjoy the game you love to play.

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Jim Shaw said...

Congratulations Melinda and All Mixed Up!