Friday, May 9, 2014

New Philosphy Isn't Healthy

I am the first to admit that how I prepared for BCAPL Texas State was NOT ideal. 

I hadn't hit any balls, didn't spend any time on the table, didn't play in weekly tourneys; nothing.

I spent NO time on the table.

While I read a couple of books, it is obviously much more beneficial to remain in stroke by practicing or playing pool! 

And yet here I find myself in the same situation for ACS Nationals.  YIKES!

I've played even LESS pool than last time.  I've played two league nights only twice since I won on April 4th.  OMGoodness, that's almost a month!

I again read Play Your Best Pool (the 8-ball section the last two nights) and will also read my notes about Winning Ugly to get my mental face on. 

But I do NOT recommend this.

Someone told me I'll be okay because I have natural talent.  UM NO.  I am the last to have natural talent.  If I had, I'd have been placing better and higher MANY years earlier in my pool life.

Instead, it's been 1000's of learning experiences I gained in each tournament match that has led me to my skills and knowledge I have today.  And it took me over ten years to solidify my fundamentals.

This philosophy I'm using for this tourney again has GOT to stop!  I have to start practicing again if I want to do well consistently.  I need to prepare better if I really want to place better in my tournaments.

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