Friday, May 9, 2014

Sharing More at Work

I noticed something the other day.

I actually was SHARING with coworkers I was either running a tournament or going out of town to play in a tournament. 

I usually NEVER do this.

Many of the reason why are listed here.

I think I'm being more open because I won the BCAPL Texas State Tourney.

I know that sound silly, but that is a huge accomplishment to me. 

I no longer have to be embarrassed to say, "I only placed 9th."  Or, try to explain why $150 for 5th place is still worthy of my passion to continue compete.

Now, I'm a little proud, "Going to Vegas for a big tourney."

Of course they don't know I just won the Texas state tourney so they still retort silly and unrealistically, but also sincerely, "Gonna win it, right??"

OMG people.  It's not that simple.

But, still, I've noticed I'm being more open because I've been more successful lately.  Interesting twist I never thought would occur in my workplace. 

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