Sunday, May 26, 2013

Video of Myself at the 2012 Texas Open

I found this video tucked away in my inbox.

This is me playing at the 2012 Texas Open held in Round Rock, Texas.  My girlfriend Amanda Lampert took the video of me playing one game of this match to show me later how well I was staying down.

She says, "I wanted to get video of how well Melinda was staying down in her matches. Her fundamentals were fantastic!"

It's funny to see this video almost 10 months later.  I know that they way I'm playing now, I wouldn't have missed those two shots!  lol.

Also,  I don't ever recall chewing gum during my match.  I don't normally do that!

Anyway, thought I'd share.  :)

Thank you, Amanda!  ♥♥

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