Friday, May 10, 2013

The Only Female

As I mentioned a few times, I played in my Monday night league playoffs last weekend.

Although there are ten teams, I found myself the ONLY female that played in the playoffs that weekend!  You talk about feeling special.  :)

I felt pretty flattered that my captain even played me; he didn't have to do that.  

There are several other females who play on that league but none of them played in any of the matches during the playoffs.

Yep, it felt cool!  A lot of pressure to play well with all those eyes on me, but cool nonetheless.

On Sunday, after we won, the new waitress saw me at the bar ordering a drink.  She stops me and says, "I just want to tell you that you play AWESOME!  I was very impressed."

"Oh, that's nice, thank you," I respond back.

Then she adds, "And if you are going to qualify for the U.S. Amateur Nationals, don't play in the one in Round Rock, TX" as she walks away briskly to fetch orders.

Um, okay then, lol.

Then about 15 minutes later, one of the wives on the opposing team stops me and says, "I just have to say that you play REAL good!  I really enjoyed watching you play."

"Oh, Thank you," I reply and introduce myself.

Then she adds, "You are my hero!"

I immediately blush and then her husband interrupts and says, "What? I thought I was your hero!"

She pats him on the shoulder to console him and says, "you are too, Honey."


I admit that I love the feedback.  I guess it helped I played okay in most of my matches, lol.  Won 6, lost 2.  Ugh.

There were downs to the weekend, also.  I will write about them later.  But, I wanted to share that I was the only female and it felt super awesome to be in those big shoes!

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