Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Difficult Decision

When it comes to deciding about pool tournaments, it's usually black and white.  Go, no go.

Well, sometimes it's not that simple.

I actually passed up playing in an OB Cues Ladies Tour stop this past weekend.

Here are all the factors I had to weigh in on before making my final decision:
  • The tournament is 4-5 hours driving distance away.
  • I have a community garage sale this same weekend and shouldn't miss it (it would be the last one of my life and I really need to sell a lot of items in my house).
  • I'm ranked SECOND on the points list, though!  My highest ranking EVER on the Texas Ladies Tour - how can I NOT go and get more points to keep me elevated in the rankings?  Will not going hurt my ranking?
  • I am running an Omega Tournament the weekend before that is out of town and I am going to the ACS Nationals in Vegas the weekend after (traveling a lot is not as easy as it used to be - I'm getting older, lol).
Then I found out that my Monday league has playoffs this same weekend, and that kinda sealed the deal for me.   I had to stay back and finish off the garage sale (that I have been literally preparing for for two months for (it's a lot of dang work!)) while my boyfriend went to the league playoffs.  I would join up with them later Saturday afternoon.

It was an EXTREMELY tough decision for me.  I have been playing well and it kinda broke my heart not to be able to play in the tournament because I'm ranked the highest I've ever been ranked.

But, the garage sale really was more important (I needed the money and needed to get rid of a lot of things).  Further, I got great experience and practice in playing 8ball on bar tables during the league playoffs (that we won btw) that will help me at ACS Nationals starting this weekend.

So, while the decision at first was pretty hard to swallow, I know now in my heart it was the right thing to do.

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