Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Good Playing

You know, I don't play good every match or every game and I lose like everyone else, but I must say that I felt like I played pretty sporty at the ACS Nationals.  My finishes my not reflect it, but my mind, body, and heart do.  :)

To be told by one of the top females players there I should be ranked as high as I am at ACS really meant a lot to me (especially since I am trying to figure out how to get the heck out of these high divisions since I don't think I belong there, lol!).

On Friday morning of the ACS Nationals, John Lewis who runs ACS, said he wanted to speak with me.

He shared with me that people were talking about me.


He said two different people in two different conversations brought me up.  "That blond girl with curly hair plays real good."  He said they brought me up, not him, and out of all the girls there, they singled me out.

He said they shared with him that they were really impressed with my game and how I played.


I was touched beyond belief.


First, I was happy he told me that; he didn't have to and it meant the world to me.

Second, I was honored anyone even noticed my game, lol.  I actually felt real good about my play so maybe I was playing as well as I thought.  :)

A few other people told me I played well, but when I hear that sometimes I think they are just being nice.  These two other people told someone else, though, and seemed impressed, which is super cool!

I don't want to get too confident, though, but... I can sense how good I'm playing right now.  Hope it continues :)

It feels good.  :)


Babylon Brother said...

I'll bet they were whispering about your pedicure. :)

Melinda said...

Ha! It's funny you say this. There is a rule at the National tourneys that you can't wear any type of open-toed shoes. Believe it or not. So, no one could see me toes, lol, unless they were stalking me poolside!