Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Straight Pool Season Starting....

And I'm nervous.



My new straight pool season is upon me... and the top guys I couldn't beat the last few seasons have been all moved up to the upper division.  BUT - there are still a few really tough opponents left, and all the other matches wont be easy anyway (never are).

To be the top player in my division and win that little dang trophy would mean SO much to me!  I can't even put into words what an accomplishment it would mean to me.  It would be a life-goal achieved! 

But, being already nervous, wont help me much.  I know that from experience.

I have two matches planned for this weekend, I truly hope I play okay and start the season off well. 

I have been watching straight pool DVDs - Phil Capelle's new straight pool DVD and Pat Flemming's Accu-Stats instructional straight pool DVDs.  They each discuss my problem areas - key balls and break shots.  I feel more comfortable, but how will I do at the table this weekend?

And, the season is early and yet I'm already nervous!  :(

It's amazing how I perceive the possibility of achieving "titles" and achievements - I freak myself out over the possibility, which is what we aren't suppose to do - think ahead.  Only think of the present moment and my pre-shot routine.

Gosh I hope I remember that. 


matthew said...

Good luck!

I always hate when people tell me what and how much I should appreciate things but seriously, if you're having a rough match, just think about how great it is that you can play in a 14.1 league. I practically have to pay people to play it around here.

Melinda said...

Matthew - I like this a lot What a great reminder! I had forgot about this important tip. Thank you so much! This will def help and it puts things into perspective.

Mike G. said...

Good Luck with your two matches this weekend. I also have my first match tomorrow. Everything that you talk about are normal feelings. I too am nervous. Not nervous of the players that I have to go up against. I get nervous b/c of the expectations that I put on myself to play my best. People always say go out there and just enjoy yourself. It is not an easy thing to do when one expects so much out of one's self.
As for your record over these past seasons, it is way above normal. You can hold your own against many players. Keep that in mind and play your best. It will come out positive.

Melinda said...

Great points, Mike. I lost last night, :( , then saw your comments. Spot on, Sir.