Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WSOP, What?

I played in my first ever poker tournament last Sunday.  AND!  It was a ladies event.  AND it was a WSOP circuit event! 

Yep, WSOP - World Serious of Poker!

I have played a few poker tourneys online, but that was three years ago.  I never did well and was way out of my element.  I had no idea what I was doing, lol. 

For the past 12 months I've played a lot of 1-2 Texas Hold'em No Limit games at the casino, but never in a LIVE tourney.  So, on Sunday I felt nervous and anxious, and was very timid for most of the tourney. 

I decided to play in this Ladies WSOP Circuit Event at the last minute mostly to live life to the fullest.  To experience something new and cool!  Maybe a bucket list item?  I dunno.  But, the circuit was only two hours from my house, so after convincing by a few friends and my b/f, I decided to play in it. 

151 entrants, I lasted 5 hours, and placed 29th!  They only paid the top 18, but I'm still very happy about how I did.  Only made two bad plays, otherwise I feel really great about the whole experience!  I was so excited to last that long in an important poker tourney!  I was very giddy after the event, lol.  It really was a cool experience for me.  :)

I got lucky I had nice women at my tables.  Only a few were intimidating, but then they got knocked out pretty quickly.  Tough to go "all in" in poker tourneys! 

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