Thursday, January 26, 2012

Round Two Straight Pool Match Result (1)

As I mentioned before, I had two straight pool matches last weekend.  Going in with a 0-2 deficit, I was already worried

This first match (Friday night), I lost.  I played badly.  Good in the beginning, but then I missed a lot of balls in the middle and end.  And, since I wasn't playing well, I should not have gone for a lot of the shots I did.  Further, I got hooked a lot, almost when it seemed I could make a come back.  :(

I was up 26-10 and my opponent, Turtle #2, mumbles to himself he can't believe we are in inning 13 and he only has ten points.  He mumbled quite a bit during our match.  Like when we had to use the back of the score sheet, he mumbled that meant we had already played 50 innings.

A couple of friends (Dane and Beth) showed up to watch and I didn't feel uncomfy about them being there at all, but I did feel uncomfy about other things.  For instance, I ordered my dinner (grilled chicken and carrots) and I realized that distracted me.  As soon as the food arrived, I didn't play as well. 

Turtle #2 almost rallied and the score is close 47-38, then he passes me 60-62.  I rebound and go ahead 77-69 (whew) and I take a bathroom break and feel very relieved.  I guess I felt too comfy?  Not sure, but he ran 9 and a several 4s while I struggled to find shots... and then lost 88-100.

We started the match at 6:30pm and it ended about 10:00pm.  Wow.  But, we played a lot of safeties back and forth a lot, too.  It really was a good match.  Just wish I would have played better.  :(

I lost because I played bad.  I missed too many shots.  I reflected a lot after the match.  I was really upset, but also trying to figure what the heck was going on.  It dawned on me that I was extremely uncomfortable.  I wore a new shirt and kept tugging at it - throughout the whole match, even when seated.  I didn't like the pants I wore either.  I was determined to wear something very comfortable the next day for my scotch doubles tourney and that proved beneficial (we won!). I already know how important it is to dress comfortably, but I don't think I realized just how uncomfy my new shirt would be. 

I'm not saying my shirt caused me the loss, but I really did not feel comfy and that is key.  But, bottom line is I didn't play well.  I missed too many shots.  Furthermore, my mental game is on vacation.  I was not mentally strong during the last three matches.  And now I'm 0-3 for the start of this straight pool season.  :(

I apologized to Dane and Beth for my bad play, lol.  I admit, I was embarrassed.  But, because they talked about my blog and that they follow me, I was anxious to tell them my upcoming schedule:

  1. After this match, I had a scotch doubles match the very next day in Dallas.
  2. Then WSOP Ladies Poker tourney on Sunday.
  3. Another straight pool match Monday night (a toughie).
  4. The next weekend the OB Cues Ladies Tour stop
  5. The next weekend a scotch doubles tourney and a Ladies event in Temple, Texas
  6. Then a weekend "kinda off" but on that Sunday I go to Reno, NV for a week for the Bar Table Championships (8bll, 8bll and 10ball tourneys).

Whew.  :)

I explained to them that my busy pool schedule made me feel further stressed and worried about my recent bad play.  A lot of tourneys coming up and I was playing badly right now.  :(  Possibly in a rut?


Babylon Brother said...

We thought you played well. I remember one breakout you went for that didn't work out. I think knowing when to breakout vs. play safe is an important part of the game. Beth and I hoped our presence added moral support, not pressure. We were as quiet and non-responsive as possible. Surely it had to be better than if your opponent had noisy supporters cheering him on? I do feel that trying to eat and play is a bad idea. It takes away from focus. Also, I'm sure your opponent's muttering was noticeable, but you can take that as a sign of distress on his part and use it as encouragement. We hope you will allow us to come watch you again -- but maybe straight pool should not be a spectator sport. Your call. Regardless, we're still big fans and hope you come out of your slump.

Melinda said...

Oh, I play so much better than what you saw!! and no, you and Beth did not bother me at all.

You two are welcome anytime to watch. I just hope I show up next time. Monday, you would have seen the real me, lol!