Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thank Yous

This months topic is simply: Thank you.  What are we thankful for in regards to pool? 

For me this is easy:  I am thankful for pool because I have met amazing, wonderful, impactful people.

  • I met a woman in my mid 20s who helped me become more confident by taking an interest in my well being.
  • I have met so many wonderful, amazing women who have given me great advice during adverse times in my life.
  • I have met guys who became my boyfriends who captured many years of happiness.
  • I have best friends because I met them through the love we share with pool.

While co-workers and family may not understand why pool means so much to me, fellow pool players truly understand the passion.

They understand why pool makes me happy, challenged, and passionate. 

They understand why I travel across the country to play pool, why I cry after I win a tournament, why at other times I get so frustrated.

I found love because of pool. 

I have found heartbreak because of pool.

I believe that everything happens for a reason and everything in life makes us stronger, so I embrace all that happens, and for everyone that crosses my path. 

As many fellow OB Cues Ladies Tour Members have said: attending tour stops is not about pool, it's about friendship.  To get to see our friends, hang out with friends, getting our hugs, sharing our happiness, and getting consoled during life's hiccups.  It's a family.  Dysfunctional, fun, amazing family!

I truly have a family because of pool. 

And I have so many great friends and loved ones because I met them through pool. 

Who have helped me through so much in my life.  That I will never forget, ever.

I honestly don't know if I would have this many friends if it wasn't for the love of pool that brought us together.  And they help me through the tough times, share in laughter other times, and yes, I even am honored to offer advice or my experiences at times to help them.

Friends are my personal counselors through life.  They lift me up with their words, help me leave the house with encouragement, take memorable trips with me, and help me laugh!

This is all why I'm very thankful for pool!  What would I do without all my friends, and the love that fills my heart, and life experiences we share together?!

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Anonymous said...

Pool helps, but your personality stands out and is amplified by your love of pool, but it was still you.

Keep up the great work and best of luck in those future tournaments.

Melinda said...

You are very kind and sweet. Thank you!