Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Video of Ming Ng Racking

Hope my friend Ming doesn't mind me sharing this video I captured of her.

Ming (former WPBA professional) is a very competitive player but also an awesome friend and fills the room with laughter!  She's a joy to have around because she enjoys life and has fun and also because I love to watch her compete because she's so talented and skilled at this lovely game.

But check this out!  Ming is a little "vertically challenged" and the tables we were playing on last weekend were kinda tall:


Amanda Lampert said...

That is pretty awesome! :):) Ming is so cute! She is such a great competitor, and I too, love to watch her play! She is a wonderful and very special lady! :)


Tabetha Lewis said...

Love it... Ming is too adorable! I rememember at Caspers when I played her, that was one of the things I remember most. Made me giggle inside (you know cause I was focused) when she would hop to get set for a shot. LOL