Thursday, November 17, 2011

What Do You Look at Last?

There is a "fun debate" going on over on the forums about what pool players look at last when they stroke.  The Object Ball (OB) or the CueBall (CB)?

Everyone is going back and forth.  And even other alternatives are being discussed (if you can imagine there are actually other things to look at last other than either the OB or the CB when you shoot a shot).

Some peeps are even sharing with us (in that discussion thread) which ball they think the pros look at last, too. 

Here's all I know:  when I started to look at the Object Ball last (about 1-2 years ago), my consistency in my pre-shot routine rose exponentially and I was able to stay down on my shots SO MUCH better (which obviously leads to less balls missed).

I don't know which is right or wrong, I'm just sharing what I now try to incorporate in my pre-shot routine and why it's been successful for me.

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