Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Second One Pocket Video - The Break

I don't know how many know this, so let me share.  I am one of the contributors over at  I am honored to have my very own little section!  And I focus on one pocket over in my little corner.

My little section is me talking about my journey with one pocket - but the clever catch is, it's only via video!  The whole site smartly focuses on video - the dream of the originator of the site.
So, my first one pocket video was my introduction to the segment and why I LOVE one pocket.

In the first "chapter" (my second one pocket video), I focused on the one pocket break.  I gathered tid bits on video from players at the pool room and then practiced the break for them. 

This second video was only possible because Steve Elzinga of edited all the footage of the numerous videos I took, and then created the final product.  Thank you, Steve!

The video was up on the website only a week or two when I got this awesome email from a guy named Carl:
Just watched your video on the one pocket break.
If your following videos are as good as this one I think
that many players might improve their game level.

Good Job.

Wow, what a HUGE compliment!  I thanked Carl profusely for his kind words and smiled ALL weekend because he took the time to tell me this.

Now of course I'm under some major pressure for the next chapter.  ;)  Just kidding!  I will continue to simply have fun and hope people learn as much as I do from this beautiful game.

BTW, I hadn't considered blogging about the video until Carl emailed me his thoughts.  So, thank YOU, Carl.

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