Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mika Verus Cleary

Although you'd think I would be referring to a pool match, instead I'm referring to a friendly grudge match of push ups!!

Yep, I said Push Ups!

Everyone knows the pool champion Mika Immonen and a lot of people know Andrew Cleary (aka Big Tony). 

In May 2010 in Las Vegas, they had their second push up competition outside the Riviera Casino and little ole me got it on film!  Ahh, I was so proud of myself and my small, little video camera.  :)

I mentioned that I had the captured this on tape and my dear friend Nathan (of asked that I not show it yet.


But I had the goods!


But, I knew he was working on a special project so I told him I wouldn't post any of the footage of the Big Push Up Competition between these two fine players until he said I could.

Move forward a year and I run across the footage cleaning up some files on my computer.  I swiftly emailed Nathan and asked him if I could now show the footage.

He said of course and thanked me for waiting.

He also showed me the link to his footage - to his "little piece" he put together.  Suffice it to say, he hits one out of the ball park with this!  The graphics, collection of footage, sound effects, interviews, angles, etc., etc., make my stupid raw footage look like a pebble.  LOL!

Check his out here (and be impressed!!):

Runout Media Video Magazine - Mika Immonen VS Big Tony Push Up Battle Round 2

Don't even look at mine here, lol:

EXCELLENT work, Nathan!

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R Riley said...

In all honesty I don't think Mika's were worth much... Tony got much more air and actually got more of a clap :)