Thursday, July 21, 2011

Do You Hold Your Cue, Or Put It Down?

Because my hands sweat a little, I could never hold my cue while I sat in my chair.  I felt like if I held my cue, then the shaft would get dirtier and also my hands would get more sweaty.  So, I would lean my cue on the side table or chair, or maybe someone had a cue holder I could use.

Then one day a few years ago, a friend at the pool room told me to hold my cue when I was in my chair.


I expressed to him I couldn't hold my cue while sitting in my chair every time.  I felt like it made my hands more sweaty! 

In return to my stance, he explained why I should seriously reconsider.

He suggested that it's a deterrent for my opponent.  It's also mental - on both sides.  He said that when your opponent sees that cue on your hand, even subliminally it looks like you are ready for them to miss and/or ready for for your next turn at the table. It also tells your own mind and body YOU are ready for your next shot at the table.

I thought it was hogwash.  I really did.

"Whatever, Dude."

He then shared he had told one of my fellow female colleagues this same thing and now she does it all the time.

Hmm, really?

Being one of my competitors, that made me more interested in it, lol. 

It did make sense.  Can you recall those times you were at the table and in your peripheral vision, you see your opponent put down their cue?  That was a tell-tale sign they knew you were about to run out, and they weren't expecting another chance at the table.

So, maybe he was a little right.

I don't recall exactly how many years ago this was and I can't recall exactly when I started to utilize his suggestion, but now I canNOT put my cue down when playing in a match.  I got used to holding the cue.  I got used to "being ready to play" by NOT putting my cue down.

I still wont technically hold the shaft of the cue in my hands b/c I think the wood against my palms creates extra sweat (at lest it feels that way), but I lean my cue against my lap or legs when I'm sitting down, waiting for my turn.  I now have to have the cue leaned up against me, or my arms kinda wrapped around it, or sometimes holding it if I am standing. 

If I'm sharing a cue and my partner puts our cue down, I will grab it and hold it near my persons.  I just can't not be holding my cue anymore.

I've been doing this for years now. 

I don't know how much affect it has on my opponents, but I like how holding my cue makes me feel ready for my next shot.  And secretly I hope this small action has a small effect on my opponent, too.  (Is that bad?)

Either way, it works for me now.

If you decide to try this, please let me know if it helps!

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