Sunday, July 17, 2011

Diagram Lesson #1 From Phil Capelle

It takes me a while to get things posted up in my blog sometimes.  This time, it was due to me trying to figure out how to get a stream to a video format that I could snip, because my ustreamed streamed match was almost an hour and 20 minutes.  I only needed about two minutes of it!

Esteemed billiards author, Phil Capelle, watched one of my streamed matches from a year ago (yes, it's taken me THAT long to put this up) and he had a few suggestions for me.  He wrote up these diagrams and gave me some advice.

I fully admit I was nervous to see the advice.  I thought it might hurt my game, because I had been playing well.  I'm so silly!  Of course it didn't hurt me- it HELPED me.  :)

When I told Phil I was nervous to even open the document, he was shocked and replied, "wow, Jack Nicklaus never missed an opportunity to learn something."

Yea, he makes a lot of sense and can really open my eyes.

I have TWO Learning Lessons from this match that Phil graciously wrote up for me that I wanted to share with you all.  This is the first one. 

I will share part of the match via youtube video, then below I will add his diagrams / tips he shared with me.  Click on images to enlarge.

Hope you enjoy these as much as I did!

In this match I am playing for 5th place in the Oklahoma Women's State 9Ball Championships (and an OB Cues Ladies Tour stop), July 2010.

BTW, although I missed the 7 in this match, I won that game because my opponent (Belinda Campos Calhoun) missed the 9 ball.  That tied the score 3-3.  I also eventually won the match 7-4 and placed 4th in the tourney!

Also, I apologize in advance - you will notice I played slow, but I do that sometimes when I'm nervous!  Luckily this video clip below is under two minutes, lol. 

From Phil Capelle:
Diagram 1 - You played a soft follow shot, which left you straight in on the 7.
The problem: you need to cross the table for the 8.

Diagram 2 - Solution A - bunt in the 6, leaving an angle on the 7. Though its not a big one, it is enough to at least send the CB to the top of the ”B” in Cue Table.
Solution B - I like this better. Draw out so you have a bigger angle, which will enable you to more easily cross the table for the 8.

Diagram C - This shows the correct route to the 8. And the margin for error so you don’t scratch in the side. Notice the angle on the 8 allows you to easily come out for the 9.

Thank you, Phil!!

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