Thursday, July 21, 2011

Diagram Lesson #2 Phil Capelle

Esteemed billiards author, Phil Capelle, watched one of my streamed matches from a year ago (yes, it's taken me THAT long to put this up) and he had a few suggestions for me.  He wrote up these diagrams and gave me some advice.

You can view the FIRST Learning Lesson from Phil here.

This blog entry is about the second Learning Lesson.

I will share part of the match via youtube video, then below I will add his diagrams / tips he shared with me.  Click on images to enlarge.

Hope you enjoy these as much as I did!

This is the same match from before - I am playing for 5th place in the Oklahoma Women's State 9Ball Championships (and an OB Cues Ladies Tour stop), July 2010.

This was early in the match and I was extremely nervous.  Although I missed the 6 ball in this match, I won that game because my opponent (Belinda Campos Calhoun) missed it after I did.  That tied the score 1-1.  I also eventually won the match 7-4 and placed 4th in the tourney!

Also, I apologize in advance - you will notice I played slow, but I do that sometimes when I'm nervous!  Luckily this video clip is only about a minute, lol. 

From Phil Capelle:

My memory fails me a little on this one, but the general idea is correct.

Diagram 1 - You played the 5 and allowed the cue ball to drift over near the rail, making it tough to get from the 6 to the 7.

Diagram 2 - The correct route keeps the cue ball away from the rail and leaves a relatively simple route from the 6 to the 7 from the position zone - A to B

Diagram 3 - Shows the routes to the 7 from both A and B.

Play for the correct angle
Plan for 3 balls at a time
Stay away from trouble

Melinda - in case you are interested in exploring the line up technique I mentioned, it is on pages 42-45 of CPP (Capelle's Practicing Pool). It will build consistency and precision to your set up. 

Thank you, Phil!! 

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