Monday, June 13, 2011

Assets In Vegas

Anyone that knows me personally will not be offended by this blog entry.  But if you don't know me, you may not believe I'm going to write this entry, as I am a female and this would be a "male" blog article.  But let's face it, women are beautiful creatures and I don't mind showing off their assets, especially if they are willing to take pics with me.  :)

Seriously, all these women are beautiful and my friends!  Even the blackjack dealer became a friend and as I would walk by every night in the casino I would shout out my hellos to "Barbie."

Me and the beautiful Melissa Morris!  I love this girl so much - she's the sweetest!  And now, newly married!  Sorry guys!

BlackJack Dealer Barbie.  Her table was always full!

Wendy and I with the awesome Jessica!  She was so cool - guys who didn't even know her would stop her to get a pic with her!

Me and two of the Pole Dancers in the middle of the Riv.

 My Vegas Roommie's butt!  (Rebecca!)


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Wow. I really need to start playing leagues. Or perhaps just make a trip to Vegas.