Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sweating Matches

Sweating matches actually takes a lot of effort. We want to support our dear friends, so we try and watch as many matches as we can. Problem is, we ourselves need to be sure to get enough rest for our OWN matches.

While I want to watch my friends and be there for them, I have been in this rodeo for many, many years and if I have a match coming up, I will rest if I need it. Don't mean to sound selfish, but if I'm still in the singles event at the BCAPL Nationals, I NEED to be selfish and get rest and focus on me because I went all the way there and prepared all year for this event.

Once I am out of the tourney (which this year was super early, lol), I am able to support and watch many of my friends.  And this year I watched as they clawed through the tough brackets in their events!

I watched Rebecca, Amanda, Monica and Ashley's matches. I tried to support them as much as I could on the sidelines. And if they couldn't come to one of my matches, I understood completely, and didn't take it personal at all. I had a few friends that felt obligated to watch their friends, and I while I understood that, I wanted them to rest and be selfish, too, tho.

Once I was out of the tournament, I become a better supporter. I watched Amanda Lampert play her 4 matches on Monday and 4 more on Tuesday to make it to the finals in the Master singles!  Congrat's, Girlie! I saw Rebecca, Monica and Ashley last all the way til Monday in the Women's Open Singles! I was so proud of them all!

But I admit, it's tough to sweat matches, lol. Takes time, energy, and patience. You pass up dinner with other friends, gambling (but that helps save money, lol), and trips to other casinos.  But we want to be there for each other, esp when it gets down closer to the end of a tourney!

I find it ironic (and confusing) that some people ask me to watch their matches and yet they don't think to watch mine. But I try to recognize I am playing for ME. 

I found myself in an interesting and a great thought-provoking conversation on Tuesday afternoon. A dear friend of mine with more experience in pool than I (and I have been playing for 20 years) shared with me she laughs when her friends and b/f ask her to watch their matches. She laughed some more and shared that it's too tiring to watch matches, and since she can't be there for all of them anyway, people need to realize they need to play without support of their friends right there ALL the time. She added, "now if they get toward the end, I will watch every match! But to watch several rounds in the beginning? No."

It made me wonder about myself. I admit I long for my b/f to watch me in my matches in my events, but he isn't always around or doesn't always watch me. I get disappointed, but I try not to get upset and instead force myself to realize I'm playing for ME. Pool really is a single-person sport.  We are on our own.  Who are we really playing for anyway?  But let's also be a realist and admit support on the sidelines from the ones we care about mean so much to us!

However, I'm hoping this conversation I had with my fiend will help me from wishing he was there all the time. If I can see it from her eyes, I can understand now why he doesn't necessarily have to be there for every single match. I feel that way about girlfriends - they don't need to watch every one of my matches. But when it comes to a significant other (like my current boyfriend), I just know how much better I feel if he's there supporting me. He has been the absolute biggest supporter of any guy I have ever dated - he wants me to win more than anyone ever before.  :)

So, if I sweat your match, it means I care about you!  However, if I'm not there I have a good reason.  And don't be upset at me if it's a selfish reason for me needing rest or to get ready for my own match. 

While sweating is a tough job, I SO enjoy being there for my friends and boyfriend.  I enjoy trying to be their cheerleader, supporter, mental toughness, and gopher.  I am their biggest fan!!

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