Sunday, June 12, 2011

Poker in Vegas

I had been playing 1/2 no limit Texas Hold 'Em poker since Jan and decided to try my hand at the poker tables at the Riv.  The problem was, I was nervous!  Super nervous.

I already am very aware many pool players play poker almost daily now instead of pool, so I was nervous that their skills were better than mine.

When I play at home (at the closest casino (Winstar) over an hour away), there are 20 tables of 1/2 and so the talent is a crap shoot.  Here, with only 3-4 tables open, every player is good.  And the sharks were out.

I got sent to my hotel room all 3 outta 4 times with my tail between my legs because of embarrassment.

Further, I was only aggressive one time and it backfired.  The rest of the time the guys took advantage of me.  And it sucked; and hurt my little pride. :(

At the first time to the poker room, I had asked a good friend of mine (Mike) to watch me so I could learn from him.  He is considered one of the best "readers" in the DFW area, and we had talked many months ago about him helping me.  He couldn't show up for an hour and ironically, that's only how long I lasted.  :(

However, the guy who was next to me gave me advice in that hour and ironically, he turned out to be a good friend of Mike's.  His friend told me and Mike (later) that I played too shy, not aggressive enough, and to be aware that guys will try and bluff girls more.  I told him I was embarrassed and he reminded me not to be, that everyone loses money all the time at poker.

I only lasted one hour the first two times I sat down.  The third time, I was there about 4 hours and was at a friendly table.  The 4th time I wasted my time, but played for a couple of hours at least.  It became fun and not intimidating after the first time.  I guess I needed to get my feet wet or something.  Take me to Winstar and I am comfortable in that casino.  I am in "my element" and happy.  Vegas poker against seaoned pool players?  Eeek!  Scary!

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