Thursday, June 16, 2011

Text Messages About Matches From CSI

I hope you have heard of this by now, but if not, let me share with you a really cool new techie thing CSI has put in place for the players!

Text messaging!

Yea, sounds simple and easy.  But it's more than that - it's clever and became an important and useful tool for the players.  It saved time because you didn't have to walk across the convention center to check the charts all the time and it was extremely convenient.

You signed up at the Tourney Desk and gave them your name and cell phone number.  At that point, you will then receive text messages about your matches - for every event you entered!  (yes, even teams)

Here are some exact examples I will cut and paste for you.  These examples show every possibility:  a win, a loss, a table change, etc.  The cool part was you also received a text 20 minutes before every scheduled match - nice little alarm clock.  :)

Examples of Text Messages for Scotch Doubles:
  • Congratulations on the win Ewart/Bailey! You defeated Phillipe/Makus 3 to 1. Your next match is Mon Noon on Table: 231.
  • Match change: Ewart/Bailey vs. White/Asleson is now scheduled for Mon 4:30P on Table: 231.
Examples of Text Messages for Singles:
  • Congratulations on the win Melinda Bailey! You defeated Sharon Bledsoe 4 to 1. Your next match is Sat 4:30P on Table: 45.
  • Melinda Bailey vs. Amanda Pulley is on schedule for Sat 4:30P on Table: 45.
  • Good effort Melinda Bailey.  Your next match is Sun 1:30P on Table: 44.
 Examples of Text Messages for Team Event:
  • No Holes Barred vs. Secret Sauce is on schedule for Sat 9:00A on Tables: 22, 23, 24.
  • Congratulations on the win No Holes Barred! You defeated Junior Mints 9 to 3. Your next match is Sat 1:00P on Tables: 19, 20, 21.
  • No Holes Barred your Sat 1:00P match may be delayed. You must be prepared to play as scheduled, but your opponent is currently playing a match.
 Final Text:
  • CSI and Bad Boys thanks you for attending the 2011 BCAPL 8-ball nationals!  Hope to see you in 2012!
I thought the extra wording was thoughtful.  "Nice Try" or the "Congrat's" was an extra added nice bonus. 
I will sign up for these EVERY year now!  You are only able to sign up one number at a time, so I would forward the texts to my b/f and friends so they knew I won and what time/table I was up next.  Because CSI has to pay for every text sent out, they can only sign up one number at a time per name.  Pretty impressive they are paying for this service!

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