Sunday, March 27, 2011


Played another straight pool match on Monday.

Let's just say it's one of those matches where afterwards, I leave the pool room without telling any of my friends goodbye.

Yep, I was upset and disappointed.  Embarrassed, too.

I played an opponent who I can't take for granted but I did underestimate his talent this time - he played much better than before.  I was surprised (and frustrated by it).  The last two times we played I won fairly easy, I admit.  But honestly, this time he outplayed me.

It didn't help I wasn't on top of my game for some reason.  I feel even if I would have played better he still would have defeated me, but the score would have been closer and I wouldn't feel so damn upset about it.

He had me down:


then 23-31

then 28-41.

I tell myself to just stay down on my shots.

I somehow managed to tie it up!  I am SO dang relieved!


I go wash my hands and can feel the sense of relief in my veins, no longer pressure on my mind, and I am more relaxed.

And yes, this leads to misses and mistakes when I get back, all the while he continues with his 13 and 7 ball runs (two each after I come back form the bathroom).  That's 40 balls right there.

My highest stretch after I came back from the bathroom is only 5!  omg...  :(

I got pretty frustrated and gave up - I HATE that attitude in me.  It's not like me at all, and I haven't done that in ages that I recall.

I was down:




He ran 13 the moment I came back from the bathroom and he also ran another 13 to reach 100 to defeat my sorry ass 55-11. 


Still upset about it.  I didn't play well and he played better.  BAD combo.  :(

On a happy note, I did enjoy a nice hour before the match at Carrabbas.  Check out the ambiance:

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