Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Busted Hair Appointment

Went to get some curls added to my hair the other day.  I really hate wasting time, so sitting in a chair for over two hours with nothing to read or not be productive can frustrate me to no end.

For example, if I am sitting at an airport, I can't just sit there and do nothing until I board the plane.  I have to change seats to watch CNN on the TV (if I can find one in the waiting area), or pull out my laptop to work on projects, or grab one of my many Sudoku books to strengthen my brain cells.  I can't just do "nothing."

So, the idea of being unproductive for over two straight hours while getting my hair done has led me to bring along books to read.  I, of course, mostly bring pool-related books to improve my knowledge.  I always say:  take advantage of down time!  (like what I wrote about back in April 2009).

For my hair appointment, I knew I had the awesome The Straight Pool Bible book by "Babe" Cranfield in my car, so I would be fine because I had a great book to read and learn from (while I sat in the beauty chair).

I rush to my appointment, late as usual, and I then hurriedly check the back seat of my car but I don't see the book.  I look on the floor, under the seats, IN the seats, nothing.

"Hmm... maybe it's in the trunk area of my SUV?"

I check that area, nothing.

I swear it was on the floor somewhere.

I'm mystified.

I know that book is in my car!  Argh!

Even though I already checked, I look again on the floor of the back seat, thinking to myself, "maybe I missed that orange and white covered book somehow." 


Oh, then I get irritated!

I checked the trunk again, then under the seats again, in my door.  Ugh.  I swear it was in my car!  I can picture it in my brain!

Frustrated, I went inside without my book, knowing I 'd have to read some crazy, old, frilly magazine they had left over on the little tables... instead of a self-help book.  :(

Upset and now in a bad mood, I sat down and explained to Monica (my awesome hair person) I was perturbed.  She understood and tried to help me out with small talk by asking how I was doing, how was my Mom, etc. It eventually worked and I calmed down.

BTW, check me out with my curlers in my hair!!  Medusa!  It takes almost an hour and a half to put all these curlers in (yes, those long red and blue "tubes" are curlers) and then I sit with smelly chemicals for the other hour! 

So, after 2 1/2 hours, my new curls and I leave the beauty salon.

I open the door to my car, get in my seat, and something captures my eye:

@!#$$%&*@#$&^*&!!  The book was on the floor of the FRONT seat! 

OMG!  :(


Unknown said...

Forgive me, but...

[giggle] :)

Melinda said...

Giggle all you want! :) I love it!