Monday, March 7, 2011

Pompous Above Excellent Work?

If you knew a certain person in a certain trade was the ABSOLUTE best of their trade, but also a pompous ass that couldn't stick to deadlines or time lines, would you still hire them?

This person, I've heard, is always late, never shows up when he says he will, takes too long to do their work, shows their arrogance on forums, doesn't understand the true meaning of customer service, is arrogant because the know they are the best (I'm assuming that's why he's arrogant), and constantly seeks attention and tells everyone he's the best.

I don't mind arrogance.  I like confidence in people, actually.  But what bothers me is this certain person is late and doesn't hold himself responsible to time lines or deadlines. He truly has no idea about customer service.

I like good customer service - goes a long way, imo.  But if you can't stick to your promise of when you will be available or how long it will take, what good will that do me but aggravate me?  And then to spew off on the forums at people, wow!  Why do people not truly listen to others' advice?  Especially when it comes to improving business?  He really doesn't see what people are complaining about and frankly, he doesn't care what anyone thinks.

It's a tough situation.  Here are some non-pool-related scenarios:

Would you want the best car mechanic who has no sense of time, or a mediocre one that still gets your car fixed when promised?

Would you want the most well-renowned A/C mechanic who never shows up when he said he will, or a decent A/C mechanic that can get the job done sooner?

Would you want the BEST carpet cleaning service that takes twice as long as promised to do the work, or a carpet cleaning service that cleans the carpets well and promises to be out of your house that day?

Would you want the best plumber in the country but keeps delaying his arrival date, or would you suffice working on the commode yourself and getting the job done in your own time?

Would you want the most recommended electrician among your friends but he has yet to complete the job, or a perfectly fine electrician who gets the job done as expected?

Is sacrificing convenience worth the anxiety and frustration of someone who doesn't understand other people's time but yet they are the best in their trade?

I dunno.... but I can tell you this - I wont hire him, even tho he is supposedly "the best."

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