Tuesday, March 15, 2011

PoolSynergy - Tourney Prep

This month Charles from http://forumghost516.wordpress.com/ is hosting PoolSynergy.  His chosen topic?  An all-time important one - Tourney Prep!  Read all the great advice from the Poolsynergy authors at this link.  I, personally, can't wait to read all the tips and suggestions!

As for me?


I used to do many things to prepare for a tourney:  Make all travel arrangements ahead of time, review my pool/mental checklist, prepare for unknown conditions at the pool room, read pool books or watch videos, pack early, ensure I put in a lot of quality practice time, etc. etc.

Before, I was more focused on my mental toughness and my practice sessions.  Now, my focus has changed.


Almost the most important tourney preparation for me now is to get good sleep/rest. 

I have failed miserably at many tournaments because I ran out of steam.  All the practice time and mental preparations are for not if I can't finish a rack because I'm so exhausted and tired.

I'm sure you have recognized how so very unproductive you are at work when you are too tired.  You aren't in a good mood, your attention span is lowered, your mind is not as active, you can't wait to get home, and you are not attentive nor productive.

Conversely, if you get good sleep, you can tell the difference the next day at work!  You complete more tasks, smile more, care more about your work projects, you have more ideas and contribute more, and you Get Things Done.

Same for pool.

Nowadays, my entire focus the week before a big tourney is to try and get sleep every night each day of the whole week before.  Although not always successful at getting a good nights sleep the week or even weekend of a tourney, it truly is my most important tournament preparation for me now.

Let's face the facts:  I am more successful in competing when I am not tired.  Getting rest/sleep is my most helpful asset to myself.  My mind is focused because it's alert, my body doesn't feel tired, I can mentally focus and be mentally stronger, and I am a stronger opponent when my mind is awake and I have had plenty of sleep.  I can tell the difference, and the difference for me is HUGE. 

Do I still prepare other ways?  Sure, I still read books, watch videos, put in practice time, play in weekly tourneys, etc.  But, it's all pointless if I don't give myself a chance first by SLEEPING.


Unknown said...

I agree that getting enough sleep is important advice. For people traveling to their tournaments, it's got to be even more important than for the local bangers like me.

www.billiardcoach.com said...

So true! If I'm rooming with someone, I always make sure I pack my favorite pillow and my ear plugs. A good friend of mine has a shirt that says "I'd rather be sleeping." Good call.