Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Darts Versus Pool

We get asked the question all the time, "Is pool really a sport?"

Most pool players think it IS a sport.  That's why we are trying to get it into the Olympics, for crying out loud.  But the general public sees pool as just "a game" where we knock balls around with a cue on a table, not a true "sport."

Most people also think darts is not a sport.

Obviously...because check out the Zoosk commercial below, questioning if darts is a sport or not.  The guy even stretches before he throws the dart, lol, like an athlete would.

As I first started this blog entry, my intent was to share I am glad they didn't pick on us (i.e. pool) because we ARE a sport.  However, as I reflect deeper, now I wish they would have chosen pool for the theme - pool could use some mainstream advertising.

BTW, "Mountain Top!" is yelled out by the dart thrower right before he throws his dart.  Do you know why?   Ironically, only true dart players would know (I only know because I looked it up).  Mountain Top is a well-known traveling Dart Team. My guess is he's yelling that to further explain his expertise as a Dart Player.

If pool was the theme of the commercial, and something was shouted out, I wonder how many of the average Joe's in the world would know what we meant, also?

Can you imagine?

"Earl Strickland!"
"Kiss of Death!"
"On the Snap!"
"Cheat the Pocket!"

The general public would be saying, "uh, what?"  lol

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Gary Frerking said...

Well, hey... I learnt me something. I played competitive darts for a couple of years and never heard (or heard of) "Mountain Top."