Monday, November 22, 2010

Tourney Conflict

For the first time in a while, I have a tournament conflict.  Boo-Hiss!  Two tournaments I am interested in are the same weekend...IN town.  Normally, if tournaments overlap the decision of which one to go to is pretty easy because they are in other cities.  So, I normally choose the city closest to me (I hate long drives).  Then, the type of tournament will help me narrow down my decision even further. If it's a Ladies Tour event or a BCAPL event or a State Tourney, I will choose them over a further-away event that only has a separate women's division on Sunday.  So, the decisions have been somewhat painless.

Well, there is finally a tournament conflict that was kinda a tough decision!  Don't get my wrong - the optimist in me is thrilled to have this "problem."  Nice that there will be tourneys in the area in December!

Courtesy of Mark Parisi

On December 11th, there is a Scotch Doubles tournament in Dallas.  I am so excited that I get to play in this tournament because it's gonna be fun with my Scotch Doubles partner, Brian.  We have the same style of play and I also learn a lot from him.  The tourney is 8ball, BCAPL rules.  I think we would race to 3 because of our skill levels (Master Teams would go to 5).

Right after Brian said he'd play in that tournament with me, I swear just a few hours later I received an invite via email to play in a straight pool tournament, which happens to also be IN town, AND the same day as the Scotch tourney. lol.  It's the first straight pool tourney I have heard about in the area for at least the last three years.  They quickly filled up 18 spots right away for the straight pool event (they are accepting 20 players and it would be handicapped).

While I wouldn't have PLAYED in it, I would have loved to watch the straight pool matches all day long. Many of the top tiered players have signed up and that would be a great treat to watch and learn from so many of them. 

But, I have a wonderful plan!  After doing well in the Scotch Doubles tourney in Dallas, we will then drive to the Fort Worth area to finish watching the straight pool tourney! Then at 9pm a local band (who we know the bandmates) will be playing and we will finish the day off watching and listening to them. I can't wait!

What tourney conflict?  ;)

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