Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Caught Me on Video!

One of my friends was trying out his new FlipVideo in Vegas and May.  I didn't know it, but he caught me in one of my matches at the BCAPL National 8Ball Championships!  He said he forgot what he had saved on the FlipVideo and recently just found this.

In the match, I was down 0-3 when Doug started taping.  I had ball-in-hand and was ready to run out when a ref was called to the table next to me.  I had to wait about 35 seconds before I could get back to analyze my shot.  That may not seem like a long time, but to anyone watching a 4-minute video, it can seem like forever.  lol.

But, I admit the rest of that game I did play prolly a little too slow.  However, because I was down 0-3, I had to play deliberate.  Additionally, I do tend to play 8ball timid when my confidence is low and because I was losing, it was being tested. :)  But, I saw the run, and ran out!

BTW, you can see at 40 seconds I am trying to look at the angle and the ref walks by and I have to move my cue or else I'd be in his way.  That is my "perturbed" move and you can even see me mumbling to myself.  haha.  Later in the vid, the refs walk by the table as I am down on some shots, but that didn't bother me at all because they weren't in my way so I just kept shooting.  I prolly didn't even see them then. 

Outcome:  Even though I was down 0-3, I came back and won that match 4-3!

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