Monday, November 29, 2010

BilliardsPress Website Updated

As many of you know, I am a webmaster for several websites.  Well, recently, I gave a little update.  :)

Phil Capelle, well-known author of the Play Your Best Pool series, has a website ( that describes all his books and also provides an avenue to buy his books directly from him.

Because of technical issues, Phil and I decided to make an improvement to his website for you.  We thought it would be best to allow readers, fans, and students-of-the-game to be able to purchase books online via PayPal through his website. This is a pretty big change for us - before you could only use a credit card via an online form or send in a check.  Now you can use PayPal which allows for a safer and easier transaction for credit cards.

The update is timely, as this is the 15 Year Anniversary for Play Your Best Pool!  Read the Press Release here.

Check out the Paypal buttons:
(Click to enlarge)

BTW, every book is NOW IN STOCK (except Capelle on 9Ball, which should be soon).   These make great Holiday Gifts, if you don't already own them.  My favs are Play Your Best Pool and Play Your Best 8Ball out of all eight of his books.

Check out this link to use the new PayPal buttons!  (pats herself on the back)  :)

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