Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Texas Open

The Texas Open 9 Ball Championships will be held this year again on Labor Day weekend. This will be the 37th year in a row it will be held! Thirty Seven! Yep, we have two years on the U.S. Open.

I just paid my entry fee online to enter the Women's Division (the new room owners have a paypal button! I saved a stamp!).

The event is well-known for Texans, but there has been a couple of major heavy hitters not from Texas who have won the prestigious title. Check out ALL the wieners since 1974:

1974 Sammy Jones
1975 Richie Ambrose
1976 Roy Mallot
1977 Jack Breit
1978 James Christopher
1979 Bob Vanover
1980 Frank Thompson
1981 Bob Vanover
1982 Bob Vanover
1983 Bob Vanover
1984 Bob Vanover
1985 Bob Vanover
1986 Bob Vanover
1987 Calvin Harcrowe
1988 Jerry Prado
1989 Al Mason
1990 Gilbert Martinez, Jr
1991 Javier Franco
1992 Gilbert Martinez, Jr
1993 Gilbert Martinez, Jr
1994 Jeremy Jones
1995 Bob Vanover
1996 CJ Wiley
1997 CJ Wiley
1998 Buddy Hall
1999 Gabe Owen
2000 David Gutierrez
2001 Tony Watson
2002 Jeremy Jones
2003 Jeremy Jones
2004 Juilung Chen
2005 David Gutierrez
2006 David Henson
2007 Sylver Ochoa
2008 Shane Van Boening
2009 Chris Bartram

Of course I couldn't find a listing of the Women's Division winners, but the above is a who's-who of talent for the Open Division.

The tournament will be held at Skinny Bob's (formally G Cue Billiards), September 3-6, 2010.
300 Hesters Crossing
Suite A-1
Round Rock, TX 78681
(512) 733-1111

Who will get their name engraved on the Vanover Trophy this year? The trophy’s name sake, Bob Vanover, won it a record 8 times! Six of those wins were in a row! Will there be a repeat or a NEW name engraved? Time will tell....

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R Riley said...

did you spell winner wrong in the first paragraph on purpose? You big WIENER! LOL you crack me up!