Thursday, August 19, 2010

Contacted by ESPN

As a partner of, I am listed on the "Contact Us" page. A few words describe the three main partners and then under my name it explains that I am the media contact "for several pro players, tours, and billiard companies."

Because of that sentence, I get a lot of inquiries. I would say I get about two or more emails a day from someone, about some thing. Some inquires have nothing to do with anything remotely related to 'media' and so they are pretty funny and make me LOL (Laugh Out Loud - for those not familiar with this Internet Slang). I will compile a list sometime of the questions I have received that are funny to me, and make a blog article for ya.

In the meantime, check out the awesome, serious email I received from ESPN the other day!!

    "I am writing from ESPN Magazine in New York and hope you can answer a quick question for a future article.

    Our editors are compiling a list of the highest paid competitors in multiple sports in the US for a magazine issue that will run early next year. Would you have a list of current money leaders among professional billiards players in various leagues or circuits (men and women, 2009 or current totals), as well as biographical data for the top earner in each?

    Also, would these figures comprise a “season”, or simply calendar year totals. If amounts are based on seasons, please include season start and end dates. It is not urgent, but I just wanted to touch base as we begin research to see if your sport can be included among those that are currently in the group."
I emailed him back right away! I was so stoked! I gave him all the info he requested and then added:
    "I realize you are looking for highest paid competitors and in reality you can see that pool players do not make a lot of money compared to other sports, but I would LOVE for billiards/pool to be included so we can show just how little we are paid compared to other sports! Maybe it will help our sport in some weird, wild way.


    Thanks for the email!! As I implied before, pool doesn't get a lot of exposure, so this article or any future article that you want to include pool/billiards in, please let me know how I can help you."

Oh I SO hope we are included!! (notice how I use the word "we"? lol)

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