Sunday, August 15, 2010

August 2010 PoolSynergy - Support

ForumGhost516 is this month's PoolSynergy host. His topic is Support: "This can mean what is your support system, who supports you, what you do for support in your life or in your game whether it be friends and family. etc. etc."

When I first heard the topic I thought to myself, "uh oh, here comes a negative blog post from me...."

Seriously, when I first read what the topic was, I was apprehensive to let you all know that I really don't feel all that supported. My Mom shared with me many, many years go that my Dad didn't understand why I played pool. He thought I was wasting my time, even though playing pool became my passion and it involved every aspect of my life (but my career). It really hurt me to hear that. I therefore stopped talking as much about pool to him, once my Mom shared that info. Sometimes, I wish I hadn't known that.

Then there are the "coworkers." I USED to tell my coworkers when I was going out of town for tournaments, but now I do not. I got tired of the Monday questions, "how did you do?" I would answer something like, "9th" and they would look at me funny and then say something stupid, "oh, maybe next time" or "why do you still play?" No one understood the true passion of why pool meant a lot me, why I played even if I didn't cash. I therefore STOPPED talking about pool at work; yes, altogether. There is another big reason, but that's for another blog entry, but let's just say when I go out of town now, no one at work knows. I don't share if I place well, or that I ran a tour, or that I even just played in my first pro event a couple of weeks ago. It's funny, because now I place much higher than before - but I stopped talking about my pool tournaments about 8 years ago at work. Now I play and finish better, but I still wonder if they see pool as "seedy" and "wasteful."

Those were my immediate reactions to this months' topic, "support."


Something amazing happened....

I saw that I truly am, very much so, after all, supported!

I got invited to my first Pro event and I played in it a couple of weeks ago. I announced on my FaceBook page that I was going and also gave updates throughout the trip of my progress. A friend also started a thread on the AZB Forums that I would be playing in my first pro event.

The outpouring of support was amazing! I could NOT believe how many people were happy for me, congratulated me, encouraged me, and supported me all along the way! Facebook and the AZB forums is an amazing place to hear what people really think about your adventures in life and the outpouring truly touched me heart.

Therefore, what I thought would be me sharing the 'negative support' I had received, has ended with me sharing that there is indeed A LOT of support out there after all.

Here are just a few snippets of the amazing words of support I received before, during and after I played in the US Open:
  • exciting!!! That's a huge accomplishment and I'm looking forward to hearing about it...Go Melinda Go!!!!
  • You deserve it!! Good Luck M!
  • That is sooo Awesome, you will do great. Best of Luck!!!!
  • I am so PROUD and HAPPY for you!!!!!
  • Congratulations Melinda! That is soooo cool!!
  • So happy for you hon ... keep it going!
  • Hey there...Thanks for the video updates! Play well today..give the other OB Ladies my regards..CONGRATS for just having a great opportunity!
  • Wonderful experiences speak for themselves. Congrats!
  • Sorry to hear about your second match. Love the videos I am excited for you because that is such a great honor! I wish I could play good enough to get there. Go and have fun!
  • You deserved to have a great experience - I am proud of of you.


p00lriah. said...

i think you end up with more support when you talk to those that enjoy the game as much as you do.

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Unknown said...

It's no surprise to me that you received that outpouring of support and good will. You're one of AZ Billiards most beloved posters.