Monday, August 9, 2010

OB Cues Answers Questions About Their Shafts

I went to Royce Bunnell of OB Cues last week and asked him to shed light on the difference between his OB line of shafts and his OB Classic series (his newest line). This is what he had to say:

Melinda: Can you tell me what the difference is between the OB1, OB2 and OB Classic shafts?

Royce: Sure! The OB line is our original design with the laminated maple ferrule. It also uses a Noise Dampening Core through the middle of the cue shaft. It comes in two tapers, the OB-1 at 12.75mm and the OB-2 at 11.75mm.

Melinda inserts: I use the OB2 still on my Custom Jim Buss. I love it every day!

Royce: That's great to hear! Glad you are enjoying it.

The OB1 / OB2 with the signature ferrule.

Melinda: And the OB Classic?

Royce: The new Classic line is our newest design and is intended to complement the OB line. The Classic shafts have a short white ferrule as opposed to the maple ferrule, and they don’t have the Noise Dampening Core. Without the core, they are more stiff because we don’t have to drill a hole down the center of the shaft in order to install the core.

Melinda: Sounds interesting.

Royce: The Classic uses the 12.75mm taper like the OB-1, and the Classic Pro uses the 11.75mm taper like the OB-2.

Melinda: So, if I was to try it out, I'd like to Classic Pro since I like the taper of my OB2?

Royce: Right.

The OB Classic

Melinda: And one last tidbit for us please...

Royce: Of course! Both lines have reduced tip end mass to keep the cue ball squirt or deflection very low.

Melinda: And that's why I love my OB2! thank you for your time, Royce!

Royce: Thank YOU, Melinda, for the questions.

Royce can be reached via his website at if you have further questions for him about OB Cues, OB shafts, or which shaft model is for your cue .

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p00lriah. said...

that short ferrule almost reminds me of a billiard cue.