Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Night Distractions

So, I finally meet up with Doug who is my last straight pool match person of the season. We only have one week left and so we planned Monday night since the pool room isn't as crowded.

So we thought.

We get on the only open table (out of 8) and it's next to the poker room.

Description: Poker Room at Volcanoes - an open area with chairs and tables next to the pool tables.

Doug and I set up our pool cases and place our waters on the high table in between us and the rising poker stars, and we also put our score sheet on this table. We start off just fine until a lady slips by us and sits next to us at the same table. What irks me is: she is smoking. It really, really bothers me when someone is that close to me smoking, with no regard for anyone else around them.

I hear her order a diet coke and I plead to Doug b/c of her smoking I would like to move. We see a table on the other side and we both move all our $hit to the other table, which happens to be next to a big pole and near a video game. Oh, did I mention no light? Yea, no light. Smart move, Melinda!

The lights are bright where the poker players are, but this little table we moved to did not have light. The table is in such an awkward place, that we can't HEAR each other nor SEE each other because of the pole and the video games. It made for a very interesting way to try and keep tabs of our score.

The lady who was smoking was very pregnant and in all my wisdom of that moment, I decided to post on my facebook page from my cell phone that a pregnant lady who ordered a caffeinated drink was bothering me during my straight pool match with her smoking.

Well, hindsight is 20-20. This was on a Monday night so let me quarterback - do not post on FB during a match! My phone rings every time someone posts a reply. Well, my phone is going off like crazy! Doug is pointing to my phone every time it goes off to let me know it's doing "something." It was on silent but it still lights up when I get a message! Poor Doug - I don't know how he handled it. When I told him I posted about the smoker he added, "who's pregnant." I said, "Well, I added that part to my post" and then he smiled, as if he understood why I was getting so many responses. By the time I got home, there were like 40-ish responses of peeps going back and forth about it. lol.

Back to pool: Doug and I were so cramped, when we said "safe," we didn't hear each other. It started to become quite comical which I appreciated that we could laugh about it. Until.... the players around us had no regard for our match. Then I started to get upset. I don't normally let things like that get to me, but it wasn't just a simple distraction, they were rude. :(

I would stand there, wanting to shoot, looking up at the sky with this, "you've got to be f'in kidding me" look. Then I would finally get to shoot, but more often than not, I would be the "gentleman" and moved out of their way, but not them. It was disheartening, really, that people can be so into themselves and not give a crap or be aware of their surroundings.

One guy across from us would step out of my way and I thanked him over and over. When he left 2 hours later I almost ran up to him - "Stay - you are the only considerate person in here! Please stay!!"

Eventually, the pregnant, caffeine-drinking smoker left with her to-go food about 45 minutes after our first move, so Doug and I moved all our $hit back over to the lighted area. We could now actually hear the shots we called out to each other, we could breathe, we could sit comfortably, we could see, etc. I told him we were NOT allowed to let anyone slip thru to sit next to us from now on that night! He laughed in agreement.

Although the players around us were still in our way, at least we were sitting in a better spot. In the end, after THREE hours, we were done. I won 100-89 and he said he had a fun night and so did I, even with the distractions. Even tho the other players were rude, it was still nice that Doug and I were able to laugh and joke at accepting our surroundings and making the most of what we could.


Anonymous said...

what a nightmare . . . i don't know how u even finished the match. i must applaud u for sheer effort.

btw, the ob shaft u mentioned is REALLY EXPENSIVE!!

Melinda said...

Yea, I think that's why it lasted 3 hours instead of the normal 2 hours. :(

The price might be a little high, but it's well worth it to me and all those peeps who own a low deflection shaft. :)