Monday, November 2, 2009

What High Run?

I called my new teammate, Ash, the next day after my new high run and we were about to talk about team things when she excitingly interrupted me and asked,

"guess what?! guess what?!"

She is in the straight pool league I am in, but in the division that races to 150. I applaud her for wanting to play in the top division. I want to try and ace my race-to-100 division before going to "that" division, lol. So, we have different styles but we both LOVE straight pool and know it will help our over-all pool games. We are also both in-love with the lovely game of straight pool. :)

I replied, very interested and intrigued,


She answered, "I beat my high run last night!"

I added, "OMG, so did I!."

We were both giddy! She continued:

"I was practicing with Scotty (her b/f) and if this guy wouldn't have walked up to me during a shot, it might have even been higher."

She proudly continued, "I ran 42!"

I sat there with a deflated feeling and a little funny and the sense of embarrassment snuck up on me as she naturally asked in return,

"what was your new high run?"

"19," I said sheepishly, LOL!

She was still very happy for me. :)

She stated with this high run she felt like she belongs in her division now and it has given her more confidence in general. I was very excited for her (and myself, lol) for our new high runs. :)

Luckily in straight pool, new high runs are appreciated no matter what they are and no matter who gets them. :) Congrat's to both of us!

Here is me and Ash at a tournament a week after our high runs:


Anonymous said...

straight pool: the cure for bad position.

Unknown said...

Congratulations to both of you! Breaking your best is one of the great rewards for sticking with SP!